Saturday, October 25, 2008


wild wild wild through the parking lot, serenading the movie goers with chants and out of tune pluckings, mouths open wide under paper-mache masks, a yellow dot of watercolor my only disguise as i sat on the curb and sang into the fluorescence, as we bounded phosphorescent across the pavement, the incandescent glow burning with positive ions, several stares and smiling faces, a boy picked up my guitar and swiveled elvis hips for cheers and cell phone photographs. the smiles were pure or impugning, but i couldn't stop to notice as i locked eyes with a masked man and sang about our situation, proclaimed the beauty of loitering citation, we dreamed of days without laws and probation, dancing sober around the security guard, catching passer-byes off theirs, brake lights and turning heads, turning ever away from the path, distracted because they lack purpose, and my eyes shut tight because it's just too much this time, all my energy given at once, for everyone, unselfishly, unselfconscious, yes, yes, yeses all around, you, too, please!

i sat drinking taro bubble tea, sitting with a feeling like giving a gift gladly received, except i couldn't be sure how my gift was received, but i wasn't too concerned; i only felt glad to have given.