Saturday, September 5, 2009

no longer a seeker
but one who is found
eyes dismiss the horizon
two feet firmly on the ground

strangers are once again kind
smiles all around
no more fear of the other mind
yes is a holy sound

waiting patiently
speaking with trees
laugh if you will
you can hear giggles in the leaves

all this time, i always knew
but now that i've heard you say it, too
i know it's true
with no mind i am able to connect
an open ear is a bucket
that collects

fallen drops
unnoticed thoughts

often not the sorts of things encountered

but in gnosis
there is a message
that we are vessels

mind is an ocean
and thoughts are trestles
collective bridge
universally traversed

there are maps with buried treasure
and songs in code with secret measures
hidden words and unknown pleasures
secrets waiting to be discovered
by those who seek, like desperate lovers
vernacular of the cause
meant to speak with
car alarms
mint to see what
dairy farms

but all along

lemon drops, i was wrong
you were there
i was gone
i'm around
has it been long?

can't complain to the dusty rain
falls on your musty mane
must be the same
speaking of the shrine you became
i saw a face
encased anyway
and tried to speak
for lack of sight
but caught in a lie
hardly disguised
eyes were trembling
but tender to the touch
saved grace when sighing

did not ask forgiveness
left with less
only kindness would come
over abundant, trembling eyes
all this time seeing all
the other boys
live out all my dreams

everything's fine
life is but a dream

living vision
sight unseen

can never escape a mirror
always stopping to preen

and these words are forever definite
feelings not fleeting feel permanent

but how would you know unless you were told
before your essence
a wish
so prescient
standing in the presence of god
confessing your heart's true desire
do you think you mumbled?
in that moment of revelation
was there a word fumbled?

before you were here
i saw you near a telephone
you picked up the receiver
and placed a finger on the number



measured in candles
we slowed down
beheld vandals
we let them go
wear dove shoes
on this cakewalk
in culmination of clouds
fall through the roof
on the case, superstitious
on a search for delicious
be not the product
(whom do you love?)

and would you ever stop?
this prison home
sands never could
without a shout
only the focus that caused you
incentive to bear fruit
ceased to be natural
dropped out
nothing here seems to last
joy in an instant
sorrow in a flash
next moment, nothing's wrong
so quick you coulda missed it

because time flows, there it goes
no sense in wonderin'
where it came from
no way to see where it goes
time flows, dip your toes
and do not beware the currents
who couldn't mind you
having not a mind to mind you
only places to go to
anything to show you
who knows where you'll go to
(this same spot, by the river)
darkest tangle
holy angle
geometry to liberate the sun
seen shining on
and spinning round
and giving up
or letting go

words fit to mangle
any sentiment
or attempt to fable
last i saw of the bay
it was foggy
a grey day
and all the different colored boxes
covering up the hills
all looked the same
back in a hurry
i saw a flurry
wrestled to the ground
submit without a sound
and found hope in no resistance
exclusion that abounds
in search of right persistence
deserted, lost my crown
king of all that could be
sired prince of what was
born nostalgic
cries out for lost love
sips sweet milk of longing

hope for the throne is gone
and the king lives on
no and yes
and neither
but nor
also but no
within and without
has and will become
now and forever
for thine
is the kingdom
was this terminal
one more final...

but understood for all that was lacking
in articulation of sound

big waves
but the shore's never around

all this time

i fell out of the rough crowd
sleeping like dew on lighter boughs
but still, bowed out
before the curtain closed
always been time
now's fine
no need for reason
or reason to rhyme
just flying, saturday
out to san francisco
for the first time
flying, not just
but to that city
maybe this time's the third

now's fine
always been time
and separate, or whatever
it's fine
we're together, this time

we are the actors
collapsed hierarchies
always stayed the same
under moonlight
washed in lamplight
the lunar radiance
the orange glow
ghostly wan womb of ocean cast
and all softly burning incandescence
always stay the same
and what if it were never revealed
but remained hidden
and what if we never spoke its name
but kept it alive

presence given by absence

would it wither
in deepest recesses
despite its inherent light

would it fill
the empty corridors
with its abundance

and can it be named
without loss

can it be contained